Tyco Fire Products Brand

Product Archive

Tyco Announces New Model RM-1
Riser Manifold Commercial and Residential

Tyco Announces Enhanced UL Listing
for Model ESFR-25 Pendent Sprinkler

Offering 48 FT (14,6 M) Ceiling-only Suppression
Fire Protection in Storage Occupancies

Tyco Announces New Combustible
Concealed Fire Suppression Sprinklers

New Model CC3 Sprinklers Provide Additional Depth
to NFPA 13 Category Builds

Model ESFR-17 Dry-Type Pendent Sprinklers
Early Suppression Fast Response 16.8 K-factor

Introducing the New Red-E Cabinet
Integrated Deluge Fire Protection Package

Introducing the Newly re-designed
Pre-trimmed Model DPV-1 Dry Pipe Valve

Introducing the New RAVEN Studio Sprinklers
5.6K Pendent and Horizontal Sidewall Quick Response,
Standard and Extended Coverage

Introducing the New Model ESFR-14
Pendent Sprinklers for Warehouse and Storage Application

Introducing the New 5.8K Residential
Pendent And Recessed Pendent Sprinkler

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