Tyco Fire Products Brand
GRINNELL Fire Protection Grooved Products Manufacturing Process
GRINNELL castings poured at our foundry are made of ductile iron ASTM A 536m, Grade 65-45-12. A rigorous quality control program monitors all steps of the manufacturing process. Samples are continuously tested chemically and physically to ensure all products meet our high material specifications.
Rubber Injection
We manufacture our gaskets using rubber injection presses and tooling to mold different types of rubber compounds specifically designed for the many applications required by our customers. Physical tests are performed on finished gasket samples to verify compliance with specifications including ASTM D 2000.
Paint Process
Using a computer controlled process, each product is spray-washed, dried, pre-heated, dipped, and fully cured prior to assembly or packaging. All integral parts are inspected to maintain consistent paint coverage and surface condition.
Using product designs from our Research and Development Department, our pattern center and contracted pattern makers design and build patterns and molds that produce products to the highest tolerances. Tooling is continually inspected by our in-house certified specialists to ensure finished products meet our specifications and requirements of approving agencies.

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